SDNA is a creative studio based in London producing distinctive digital artwork. About

cinetaxis 1

Cinetaxis is an interactive collaboration between electronic music, science and live performance lead by digital visual art
that creates a genuinely interdisciplinary installation piece. Click HERE to find out more



 Where are imaginary creatures born?.Are they hereditary artifacts buried in our DNA or cultural Memes ever evolving and changing to survive ‘human progress’?. What makes us create these fantastic creatures, is it an evolutionary advantage?
A research on transdisciplinary performance focused on the imagined and imagining mythical and ritualistic creatures.




97 Hz is a research into interdisciplinary practice that explores the relationship between video, sound, theatre and new technologies.
An audio visual experiment that attempts to express connections between the performer and his subconscious while dissolving the lines between artistic disciplines.
The project is a co-production between SDNA and Ticonzero. Click HERE to find out more


We are off to Israel. In collaboration with the ATC ( Acco Theatre Centre – Israel) we will research and develop an immersive adaptation of Hamlet using artists from Israel and Britain that fuses theatre, dance, music, installation art and circus. more...