Wet Sounds

SDNA:             Video Design
AV performance

Wet Sounds at Willes Pool Kentish Town Leisure Centre, London. November 2014

Creating visual and lighting installation for Wet Sounds is always a challenge, we look forward to the next one!

Wet Sounds is an underwater sound art installation and performance – a deep listening experience

Touring swimming pools, it presents listening sessions to a floating and diving audience in the water. The participants are fully immersed in sound. Free to move weightlessly in the sound space.

“Astonishingly immediate, inescapable” / The Guardian
“like being in the womb” / Mizled Youth
“Exhibitions dont get much more successful than that” / The Wire

Wet Sounds effectively creates three sound spaces in the physical space of the swimming pool. One inside the water, one outside the water and one a merger of the two as the listener floats on the surface of the water. These three distinct sound spaces are chosen by the listeners as they move in and out of the water. The three sound spaces are used to convey parallel narratives, musical and literal.

Wet Sounds at Zwembad Marollen, Brussels. December 2014

Wet Sounds at Ironmongers Row Baths, London. March 2013

WET SOUNDS is a project by Joel Cahen under production of Newtoy Ltd.