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Creature is a research and development performance and digital media project exploring the conditions that are most conducive to creating ‘imaginary creatures’.

It examines the creation of ‘imaginary creatures’ within an audience generated and interactive theatrical context, and includes a programme of workshops led by pioneering digital media artists in collaboration with electronic musicians, dancers and physical performers. The project is informed by a series of consultations with psychologists and programmers, to explore the ways in which we bring fictional creatures into existence. This R&D phase is the first stage in our long term aim to develop a theatrical performance utilizing the techniques and approaches discovered and tested.

Confirmed collaborators include electronic musician Funki Porcini, interactive designer Benedict Sheehan, Dramaturg Kirsty Housley, movement director Sarah Perryand neuroscientific and physiological researcher Dr. Simone Ritter.

These are some of the questions we are pursuing during this research period:
• Where/how are imaginary creatures born?
• Are they hereditary artefacts buried in our DNA or cultural memes evolving and changing to survive human
• What makes humans create these fantastical creatures?
• Is it an evolutionary advantage?
• Is our ability to form new images and sensations that are not perceived through our senses diminishing?
Can these creatures survive without us?
• Are machines capable of imagining creatures?


Creature is kindly supported by the Arts Council of England.