London Sinfonietta – BBC Proms at the Roundhouse


                                                                                                                                     SDNA:       360° Video Design



On the 20th of August 2016 the BBC Proms returned to the Roundhouse‘s iconic Main Space with the renowned London Sinfonietta, led by conductor Andrew Gourlay, with a programme that took its lead from Ligeti’s iconic Ramifications.
It included Sir Harrison Birtwistle’s “The Message”, Georg Friedrich Haas’ “Open Spaces II”, Mica Levi’s world premiere “Signal Before War”, David Sawer’s world premiere “April \ March” and Jonny Greenwood’s “Smear”.

The concert was staged in and around Ron Arad’s Curtain Call installation, and we had the pleasure to design the 360° videos for it.

BBC Proms - London Sinfonietta at the Roundhouse 2016.

The London Sinfonietta’s concert under Andrew Gourlay marked the Proms’ return to the Roundhouse, the festival’s regular venue for new music in the late 60s and 70s, though used infrequently since. It took place inside Ron Arad’s Curtain Call, an enveloping circular installation of silicone rods, on to which video images were streamed, sometimes beautiful, sometimes hallucinatory. It was mesmerising, and a bit trippy“. ★★★★  The Guardian

“In Georg Friedrich Haas’s Open Spaces II, two string groups — detuned from each other — encircled the installation and rolled around strange, rich chords like pinballs, while geometric patterns cascaded across Arad’s curtains. More visuals — classical statues, then autumnal trees — accompanied Jonny Greenwood’s voluptuous Smear, with slithery ondes martenot prominent; while for Ligeti’s Ramifications, the seminal microtonal classic that Boulez conducted in one of those 1970s Roundhouse Proms, the video showed giant close-ups of insects. Apt, but not for the squeamish”. ★★★★ The Times